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Billing Information/Policy

FEES: Mr. Webster charges $490 per party per day. There are no administrative fees and no fees for review of materials prior to the commencement. If a resolution cannot be reached on the day of a scheduled mediation, Mr. Webster will do reasonable follow-ups by telephone or email at no additional charge. The goal for Mr. Webster is to reach a resolution.

DETAILS: Mr. Webster invites the parties to a mediation or arbitration to come to his office in Tifton where, in addition to providing ample space, he will also provide lunch for everyone. Mr. Webster is also willing to travel to the mediation or arbitration. If the mediation or arbitration is scheduled at a location within a 70-mile radius of Tifton, there are no additional travel fees or expenses. Travel outside of the 70-mile radius of Tifton will be negotiated with the parties at the time of scheduling and will be based on distance to be travelled.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If a mediation or arbitration is scheduled and then cancelled, there is no charge for any cancellation fee.

Make checks payable to:
"Craig A. Webster, P.C."
Federal Tax I.D. No. 45-2955265


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